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Is Your Dildo Safe? The Best & Worst Sex Toy Materials

Silicone: Silicone is commonly used to make sex toys more bendy and realistic. It is more expensive than materials made with dangerous chemicals because it is more durable. Stainless steel: This sexy material is not only nice to look at but easy to clean since it isn't porous. Just stick it in the dishwasher, in some bleach, or in boiling water.

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Latex is often used in inflatable sex toys due to its amazing flexibility and is also used to make latex rubber clothing. Latex feels flexible and has a smooth finish that can be polished with silicone lubricant or latex shiner to give it a glossy, wet-look finish.

Body Safe Non-Toxic Sex Toy Materials and Lube

Steel/Aluminum. Keeping true to our pattern of body-safety, unpainted aluminum and stainless steel dildo toys are, like glass and silicone, non-porous, a breeze to clean and generally safe for all skin types. Look for ‘stainless steel’ in the item specifications for top-notch peace of mind.

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Not advised to be used with latex condoms or latex-based sex toys as it can deteriorate the material. Although coconut oil does not deteriorate silicone sex toy materials, it is recommended getting extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil for best results.

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Latex Allergies And Sex Toys. by Samantha Evans. Feb 05, 2014. Statistics show that more than 6% of the general population have a latex/rubber allergy, rising to 10% in healthcare workers. People who have a predisposition such as asthma, hay fever, eczema and food allergies are more likely to be at risk of developing a latex allergy.

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Sex toys made with silicone are high-quality and the most popular material overall. One key thing to note about silicone sex toys is that you should not be using silicone lubricants with them. This may end up damaging your sex toy in the long run. If you plan to use lube with your silicone sex toy, make sure that it is water-based only.

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A quick note about latex condoms – Latex condoms manufactured for penises are held up to a rigorous set of standards and do not get manufactured the same way as other latex products. They have to be closely monitored and regularly tested, unlike the other items in this guide.

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Lesser dildos are made of latex, which is more porous, and therefore more likely to harbor germies. The silicone dildo is non-porous, so that means that cleaning is a cinch, and you can even share it! 1. Mold It Use a soft clay to mold the toy of your dreams — the possibilities are endless! 2. Paint it with latex

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Since silicone dildos are in high demand, Lovehoney decided to dedicate a majority of its resources on manufacturing new sex toys that are entirely silicone based. A Lovehoney bestseller is the Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 7-Inch, and you can buy it for less than $30, which is unheard of when it comes to a 100% silicone dildo.