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BTS Reaction to You Safewording During Sex - filth with feelings

BTS Reaction to You Safewording During Sex A/n: caveat: not all of these are sub reader bc we stan all roles in the bedroom and this fandom sleeps on dommes/switches and subby boys/switches and NOT ON MY WATCH also I’m using a color system bc thinking of 7 safewords made me wanna die

𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐃𝐀𝐊 — Can I have request where jungkook is the reader's...

bts bts smut bts x reader bts x y/n ... the reader is hard to wake up, rough, vanilla, dirty talk, fingering, oral, videotaping, rough-sex, porn, masturbation, toys, ...


bts bts smut bts x reader bts x y/n jeon jungkook jeon jungkoooook ... thigh humping, toys ... con, sleep sex, rough, the reader is hard to wake ...

Chapter 14 | Her Alpha (Jimin x Reader)

Then I reached into my bedside table for a sex toy to satisfy myself. But before I lay down in my bed, I opened the window of my room and wrote a message to Sumi if she could come over. She immediately wrote to me that she would come and I wrote her my address. I lay down in my bed and satisfied myself.

Cum! BTS - ot7 x reader smut - honeymoonjin

Cum! BTS - ot7 x reader smut A/N: hello and welcome to the kinkiest thing I’ve ever written… As a personal celebration for being accepted into the btssmutclub, I’ve broken my own self-imposed two-week...

BTS [방탄소년단] Masterlist - baehyukng.tumblr.com

How sex with BTS would be according to their horoscope ― smut Video Games ft. Maknae Line!! ― fluff BTS as Sex Types/BTS as results on the BDSM test ― smut “Your personal thoughts on BTS’ dick size and shape” ― smut Submissive BTS ― smut BTS + senses ― fluff How they would propose to their s/o ― fluff

sub_bts_smut - Works | Archive of Our Own

Summary. 18+ dom/sub thought blurbs, earlier seasons setting. ↳ NOTE. back again with a levi ackerman study. humorous and analytical bits, plus some classic midnight rambles to indulge us putting things into words. Series. Part 5 of sub!levi headcanons. Language: English. Words: 6,306.

꿈 – Yandere! BTS reaction to their s/o being innocent...

The request: Hello sweetie can you do a yandere bts reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure. I don’t care that it;s midnight and I haven’t prepared for my tests, I had so much fun with this! ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: His fingers traced down the curves of your body as the sunlight tried getting into your room through the curtains.

Chubby reader - QueenBlackLioness - Wattpad

Spring Forward, Fall Back (Alucard x Chubby! Reader) 44.5K 2.1K 82. Following a horrible set of events, the group have found that they need each other more than ever. Just one problem: a strange girl just shows up from nowhere. Y/N just broke up with their (in)significant other and just wants to move on.

Overstimulation - Works | Archive of Our Own

The Wens and the Lans – two high profile mafia families – have been at each other’s throats for several generations. In an attempt to take down the Lans, the Wens task their most skilled dealer – Wei Ying – with skewing the odds of victory in their favour in a high stakes, winner-takes-all gamble.