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So Today I Made Myself a Homemade Dildo... (Spoiler: It was ...

Hairbrushes are made of plastics with a remarkably phallic-looking brush handle. They are sturdy, inexpensive, and readily available. All this makes them perfect for a DIY dildo! Some important points before starting using this household item as a homemade dildo (Since safety is our number one priority): Use a newer hair brush. Older brushes tend to have a lot of hair in them, making them awkward to use.

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" The stereotypical hair brush handle is rectangular, made up of 90 degree angles. So no, I don't think that's ideal, so I don't think hairbrushes were invented to be sex toys. That having been said, they should be. "I have never seen a rectangular hair bursh handle.

17 Best Homemade Dildo & Makeshift Dildo Ideas

#2: Hairbrush. The most popular household item that’s perfect as a dildo is your hairbrush handle. Simply wrap it in a condom and go to town! Try to take out all the hair before you put it inside you, or it can get pretty messy real quick…

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Answer (1 of 10): I have seen it used with great delight and positive results, by a number of females. A wide variety of other objects can be used with similar happiness: shower or bath faucets (the water!), electric toothbrushes, and especially designed cucumbers.

31 Common Household Things To Use As A Dildo

So What Can I Use As a Dildo Safely…Here’s 31 Ideas…. Ok, here are 31 different things to use as a dildo…. ( Just make sure to wrap them in a condom first) Hairbrush. Electronic toothbrush (which also makes for a makeshift vibrator) Regular toothbrush handle. Handle of spoon. Handle of make up brush. Handle of screwdriver.

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What are dildos made of? Most high-quality sex toys are made from body safe materials like silicone and ABS plastic. However, many cheap dildos are made from low-quality materials like PVC and Jelly Rubber which can cause infections. Dangerous Lilly’s Toxic Sex Toys Guide has more information.

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Cover it with a condom, apply lubricant, and then start enjoying it as a vaginal dildo or an anal dildo! The Top 5 Do It Yourself Dildo designs. As promised, here are my top five best dildo designs using common household items! #1. Natural delights. During my teen years, I perfected the art of making amazing vegetable or fruit dildos.

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The store’s window display featured ties and straight razors, cufflinks and hairbrushes. There was one brush in particular, about 4 inches long, with a satiny blond wooden handle and back and ...

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It appears to be basically Carmex, which you'll recognize as No. 7 on the list of things nobody wants anywhere near their genitals. It comes in cinnamon and mint flavors, which are Nos. 5 and 8, respectively. Concerns about this product quickly turn from functional to ethical and downright existential.