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R32 refrigerant price 99.9% purity produced in China
Other Names:
Refrigerant R32
Place Of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Grade Standard:
Electron grade, industrial grade, medicine grade, reagent grade
Colorless non turbid
Refrigerant R32 gas
Brand Name:
Arkool a butt full of dildos is one dildo / oem
Model Number:
Product Name:
Refrigerant Gas R32

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types of anal sex toys,R32, energy saving, environmental friendly, doesn’t damage the ozone layer, so becomes one of the novas of modern refrigerant. It’s used as refrigerant, can replace R22(R407c and R404a), it’s the main material of the middle an low temperature mixture.

R32 is a HFC refrigerant, used as a replacement for R410A in low temperature refrigeration and air conditioning applications. This refrigerant is a preferred replacement for R410A in new equipment. R32 is not to be used as a retrofit. 

He refrigerant R32 (difluoromethane-CH2F2) is a homogeneous refrigerant from the HFC group, with a low global warming potential GWP = 675 (about 68% lower than the R410A). It is characterized by favorable thermodynamic properties, e.g. very high evaporation heat and high volume cooling capacity. Its disadvantage is that it is considered to be a combustible agent (classified as A2L safety group according to ISO 817), although research has shown that a very high ignition initiation energy is necessary and the flame propagation speed is low.

Due to recent changes in the EU F-gas legislation which from 2025 prohibit the use of GWP factors greater than 750 in split air conditioners with a capacity of up to 3 kg and the rapidly decreasing availability of R410A - has led to leading manufacturers of air conditioners very rapidly expanding the range of devices working on R32.

GPW Global Warming Potential: 675




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