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Electrolytic Cd60b Motor Start Capacitors
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AC / Motor
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AC / motor /Compressor /water pump,best spinning dildos

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110-330VAC,sex slave fuck toy

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Dissipation FactorTgδ≤0.15(100HZ 20℃ )

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Packaging & Delivery

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CD60 type start capacitor: Apply to 50/60Hz single phase AC motors for starting. It is widely used to heat pump. air conditioning, freezers,refrigerators etc. When motor starting. it provide for higher torque. See chart below.

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Motor Start Capacitor  for Refrigerator

Capacitor Introduction:
CD60 type aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made according to american ANSI/EIA - 463-A standard, a new device developed,bakelite case, high class insulating, high strength, uneasy broken and good sealed.This device is of the good performance, easily for use, reliable and long in service life as well as the high and stable quality.
CD60 type aluminum electrolytic capacitor is suitable for use in single phase AC motors with frequency of 50Hz - 60Hz, voltage 110VAC - 330VAC to get high rotary torque at low starting current and also be widely for use in the high-tech territory.

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Product Description

CD60 start capacitor is developed and researched according to standard of American

Electronics Association (ANSI/EIA-463).The external case of the capacitor is made of

bakelite plasticized which Character is not only good insulating resistance. strong resistance damaged but also protecting electro liquid as good sealed feature. It is popular

used for the super AC application as good life, higher degree of reliability and stability.


1. Used widely in motors,air compressor,water pump etc.
2. High performance & Long life Capacitor. 
3. work well even in high tem.


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Applicable Scope

To start and run single phase m0tors in alternating current usage, and it suit for single phase A.C. motors with frequency of 50/60Hz.


Case size of Standard Products (mm)

Rated Voltage      

Capacitance Range






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